went to studio yesterday..
did a quick shoot for my lovely skulls :)
my 1st time shooting still life..

i know its nothing new/creative/original...
and it is very similar to one of David Bailey's work
if i said i've this idea before i saw his work...no one would believe me..
but honestly...
i dun care anymore...
i think its hard to be original nowadays especially in this century where internet is soooo powerful that u can easily access others work...
and becuz we can get so much information...we got 'influence' by it...
u might not realized that u've actually see someone else's before doing yours..




i always love selfridges' window display...
always creative and inspiring!
and this one is my favourite - by sophie stephnes

(sorry bad quality from ipod :P)

then i went on to her website..
love her work!

polka dots!!!!♥♥♥♥♥



relaxing saturday...the weather wasnt really good..
so i stayed home...tidy up...finished a drawing from last year..

i like drawing alot...but i'm not those creative ones...
i can only draw from photos...
i enjoyed drawing very much...cuz it makes me so concerntrate...

before applying to university...
i was thinking to choose between fashion photography and fashion illustration...
but at the end i've chose photography...
but didnt regret becuz i dun want my hobby to become my pressure :)

comme des garçons
05-06 A/W collection


i always wanted to start a blog..writing things that i like...
not only fashion but also music,photography,gallery or exhibition etc.
things about art...about beautiful things.
this is nothing serious like i need to write everyday or everyweek..
purely writing if for myself :P

so...i'll start off with something i found really interesting/exciting recently...Daniel Palillo!!

i was reading WAD magazine the other day and i saw Daniel Palillo's article.
love at the first sight...absouletly lovely design...cute but also a bit dark- excatly what I like :D
i want EVERYTHING!! i cant explain how bad i want them!!
honestly i'm bored with nowaday's (street)fashion - nothing exciting
but this really caught my eyes!!