I was organizing my old photos and went through each photoshoot I did since I started photography.It feels different when you look back at your old work and sometimes I re-edited my photos.This is one of my favorite from the first (..second?) photoshoot I did in 2010.

Photography: Me 
Model: Eve @ first model management 
Stylist: Lynn
Hair & Make Up: Emma

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17th Nov 2012

I assisted my friend's photoshoot last Saturday.
I wasn't the main photographer on that day but I did helped my friend to get few digital shots and some backstage shots because the photographer,Yuvali, was shooting on film. 

Main Photographer: Yuvali 
Styling: Raki
MUA: Louise Linder


She got this vintage VW van from our tutor's friend : )
I have always wanted this car and I was very excited because the owner drove us to the park in this : D
It was my first time sitting inside a real one : D


It was freezing and cloudy but luckily it didn't rain and we managed to finish before it gets dark! : D



Hannah @ Zone Models

Did a shoot yesterday with Hannah, new face from Zone Models
photography & styling by me
make up by Jenni

 make up in progress 

shoooooooot! : )

here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot : ) 
haven't got time to retouch them yet tho..

 and here is the fujifilm : )

ahhhh........i've been so lazy after graduated and this is like the first 'proper' photoshoot of this year -_-
i guess i really need to start building up my portfolio
...and keep by blog update :P 




Hmm...I guess writing blog is just not my thing...
i'm too lazy for this....
but i'll try to update more frequently :P
soooo busy recently with internship/FMP/dissertation/YCN...
lots of stuff to worry.....
dunno where to go next yr....wht to do and stuff....
visa goin to expire in Oct so i need to figure sth out so i can stay longer in london :<
and need to look for flat to move in etc...
fuck...life is so hard when u've to handle everything all by yourself...
i need to be more independent i guess -3-"

i'm really into instan photographs recently...
 the latest photoshoot i've done was last yr in nov....
testing with Kitty @ Nevs model
and since nov...i hvnt done any shooting...
gosh i'm so fuuuuuckin lazy D:

two of my favourite photos :>

the making of....
thx for my best assistant :D


For Queenie's portfolio.

Designer : Queenie Chan
Model  : Cecilia Hsu



this is the latest project i just finished for this term.
the project this time was given the theme of "work".
what does work meant to us.
 for me, my idea came from the question "work to live?live to work"
theres no answer for that but at the end its about money.
we all need money and thats the reason to work.
i hv chosen jobs that does not require uniform but it is obvious of wht they do.
and here is my final outcome.

 beggar: work to live

prositute:work hard pay hard (work hard play hard)

punk: no money no life (no music no life)

gangster: work kills

at the end what do we get?
photograhy & styling - me & miki
assistant - karsten & janay
models - alvin,mandy,leah,victor,miki

well this shoot was very stressful but good its all finished :)
cant wait for my easter holiday now!!


"Confetti Death"


always love things to do with skulls...
i wish i can have something like this in my future flat! :D