17th Nov 2012

I assisted my friend's photoshoot last Saturday.
I wasn't the main photographer on that day but I did helped my friend to get few digital shots and some backstage shots because the photographer,Yuvali, was shooting on film. 

Main Photographer: Yuvali 
Styling: Raki
MUA: Louise Linder


She got this vintage VW van from our tutor's friend : )
I have always wanted this car and I was very excited because the owner drove us to the park in this : D
It was my first time sitting inside a real one : D


It was freezing and cloudy but luckily it didn't rain and we managed to finish before it gets dark! : D



Hannah @ Zone Models

Did a shoot yesterday with Hannah, new face from Zone Models
photography & styling by me
make up by Jenni

 make up in progress 

shoooooooot! : )

here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot : ) 
haven't got time to retouch them yet tho..

 and here is the fujifilm : )

ahhhh........i've been so lazy after graduated and this is like the first 'proper' photoshoot of this year -_-
i guess i really need to start building up my portfolio
...and keep by blog update :P 




Hmm...I guess writing blog is just not my thing...
i'm too lazy for this....
but i'll try to update more frequently :P
soooo busy recently with internship/FMP/dissertation/YCN...
lots of stuff to worry.....
dunno where to go next yr....wht to do and stuff....
visa goin to expire in Oct so i need to figure sth out so i can stay longer in london :<
and need to look for flat to move in etc...
fuck...life is so hard when u've to handle everything all by yourself...
i need to be more independent i guess -3-"

i'm really into instan photographs recently...
 the latest photoshoot i've done was last yr in nov....
testing with Kitty @ Nevs model
and since nov...i hvnt done any shooting...
gosh i'm so fuuuuuckin lazy D:

two of my favourite photos :>

the making of....
thx for my best assistant :D