this is the latest project i just finished for this term.
the project this time was given the theme of "work".
what does work meant to us.
 for me, my idea came from the question "work to live?live to work"
theres no answer for that but at the end its about money.
we all need money and thats the reason to work.
i hv chosen jobs that does not require uniform but it is obvious of wht they do.
and here is my final outcome.

 beggar: work to live

prositute:work hard pay hard (work hard play hard)

punk: no money no life (no music no life)

gangster: work kills

at the end what do we get?
photograhy & styling - me & miki
assistant - karsten & janay
models - alvin,mandy,leah,victor,miki

well this shoot was very stressful but good its all finished :)
cant wait for my easter holiday now!!

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  1. haha i liked this one : D
    what do u study ?

  2. i definitely agree with your statement >> work to live. live to work. your photoshoot came out really well!!



  3. I think it's a great editorial! Well done! Following you :3

  4. Wow, this editorial is really amazing! Beautiful and makes you think as well.